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When a Roof Repair Goes Wrong

As a Fresno Roofing Company, we have heard manyhomeowners say, "my leaky roof was repaired, but it has now returned". The reality is if the roof was fixed correctlythe first time it typically willnot return in the same place.

The truth is that the leak didn't just "come back", it was not repaired correctly by a reputable Fresno Roofing expert in the first place. Normally, the repaired area handles the first quarter to a half inch of precipitation without a leak, and the homeowner has a big sigh of relief. The same thing happens during the next storm and all seems to be okay.

Then... that BIG 2-3' behemoth of a storm hits, and the same leak shows back up!

There are numerous reasons why this could happen:

1) A "Band-Aid" was poorly installed on the leaking area.

2) Usually, it takes a lot of rainfall followed by strong winds to make a leak apparent or to make a previous leak show back up.

3) The leak was misdiagnosed as an easy to fix seal around a vent pipe, skylight, or chimney flashing, with no attention given to the possibility of decayed underlayment, or incorrect roof flashings.

The reality is, water can travel long distances!

So, what's the answer?

Well, the solution is easy... Have it fixed right the first time with a proven Fresno Roofer!

First, the shingle tiles will have to be removed from the Whole region, (hip, gable, valley, flashing, etc.).

Next, a layer of the proper underlayment must be placed from eave to ridge, incorporating the entire area. Remember, water travels far distances, and to guarantee that all possible water intruded areas are covered, the complete section must undergo treatment.

The final step is to flash the penetrations using a base and a secondary flashing to ensure that no moisture can enter under the shingle tiles. This flashing must have an approved weather block installed at the peaks and the hip angles so wind forced rain does not get beneath the shingles.


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May 15, 2019
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