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Blistering Shingles Demand a Fresno Roofing Expert

Blistering is a dilemma with asphalt shingles and is commonly mistaken as hail damage by an amateur, which is why your roof needs the expertise of a veteran Fresno Roofing Contractor. Brads Quality Roofing will check your asphalt shingles for blisters and tell you the things you can do to prevent it from worsening.

What Makes an Asphalt Shingle Blister?

Asphalt shingles are made up of three layers: the paper or fiberglass support backing, a layer of asphalt, and a protective granular coating. "Every once in a while manufacturing flaws will cause moisture to trap within these layers", says a Fresno Roof Repair specialist. During a hot day, this captured moisture expands and can contain vapors from the scorched asphalt layer, concluding in blisters. It should be noted that blisters are different than impact damage, as impact damage has depressions around the affected region, while those around blisters will be perfectly flat.

Blister development can be made faster by poor attic ventilation. Captured heat in the attic can increase a roofs temperature to the point where it can produce more blisters. Other areas such as the eaves and the siding that are just next to the attic can also be damaged by the trapped heat.

How to Prevent Blistering Shingles

A professional Fresno Roofing Company willrecommend going with a quality asphalt shingle during a roof replacement or new construction project to help deter blisters, as a high-quality shingle may be strong enough to at least bypass blister popping. After the vapors escape and the moisture dissipates, the blisters should just leave without leaving any real damage to the shingles. But, until this occurs, they can still pop from a slight impact or if someone accidentally walks on them.

Your attics ventilation is an important area you should look at. Blistered shingles can be always be replaced, but if the primary cause isnt determined, youll probably have the exact same problems down the road. As a Fresno Roofing expert, we see a number of houses that are lacking the satisfactory amount of attic ventilation. Theres a good chance your home might also have destroyed insulation, annoyingly hot indoor areas, and higher energy bills during summer if the ventilation is poor. Ice-dams can form and possible structural damage from the captured heat and condensation could also occur. Your roof should have vents installed at the ridges, as well as at the eaves for proper venting. If your roof is ready for a replacement, make sure that proper attic ventilation is incorporated into your new roof.


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February 9, 2019
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