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Barbara Burmeister

This is a letter of appreciation for the compassion and kindness of three of your roofers; Victor, Gilberto and Raul who are currently roofing Mike & Joyce Ray's house on West Paul in Clovis which is across the street from my home.

On Tuesday, April 8th while I was getting our car smogged, my husband took a hard fall outside on the sidewalk. Victor, Gilberto and Raul were cleaning up for the day and immediately came to my husband's assistance. He had cuts, scrapes and abrasions to his hands, arm and face and likely was pretty bloody. They helped him into a chair on our porch, and stayed with him until our neighbors came to take over. My husband has Parkinson's as well as cognitive issues, so their concern, assistance and compassion were especially helpful and appreciated.

I spoke to them today to thank them and to let them know my husband was ok and healing nicely. They were very polite and humble and thanked me for letting them know Bill was fine.

I also talked to Joyce today and she told me they are excellent workers, very polite, and do a good job cleaning up each day.

I apologize for using email to express my appreciation, but I wanted you to get the message while the men were still working across the street. They are good representatives and a credit to your company.

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